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Slide 3 Journaling is like
Having a conversation with your soul
And you are the one listening.

Soignez votre identité

Lorsque j’ai décidé de publier un e-book en développement personnel, j’ai été confrontée à plusieurs obstacles. Principalement logistiques (quand écrire,…

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L’affaire du jour – Podcast

S'il vous arrive d'être facilement distrait et d'avoir du mal à vous remettre à la tâche, alors il vous sera…

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Démarrez la journée – Podcast

vous arrive-t'il de terminer la journée sur les genoux?  Ayant l'impression d'avoir couru toute la journée mais de n'avoir rien…

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If I were a virus

If you were a virus, what would you like to spread in the world? Here is my reply in the form of a poem.
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I want to say this to you

Written during the quarantine of 2020, the poem should be said with an upbeat tempo, uplifting tone.

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The inner critic

Who hasn't got this little voice that undermines the self-confidence through constant criticism?  Sometimes in your own voice of that…

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Flesh, Blood Love

Poetry for the Living - Gifts for the Spirits 67 poems arranged in three parts: Soham (about the "I", us…

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Competencies at the heart of the Management Team

At the Management Team Retreat of this NGO, we identified quite a good number of competencies available in this multinational…

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From distrust to cooperation

Having worked together for over a decade, and after an accumulation of misinterpreted actions, the relationship between this manager and…

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