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Good morning

A tip for having great days:  imagine the positive scenario of the best day you can have, imagine the sensations, the emotions, the energy, the resilience and the balance between activity and rest, interactivity and solitude.  Imagine who you want to be at various moments of the day according to the activities you get into.  Write that down and replace all negative by something you actually enjoy. Play that perfect scenario in your mind and repeat.  Include something extraordinary.  Include generosity, gratefulness and grace.

You can have several perfect days (perfect in the sense that you respond well to what happens and that you are in line with the best person you want to be, not perfect that everything happens exactly, minute by minute and perfectly!).

I practice this with my coachees – and they love it!

Good morning

I dream about today
A wisp of morning light
Gently stroking my face
While replacing the night

It smells like freshly made,
Like coffee at its best
The clean scent of rain
Bread dough after rest

I dream about today
I know It’s bright and bold
Full of pleasant forays
Into life’s precious gold

It feels like done with care
Like I am the favourite guest
Like I am seen and heard
The person most blessed.

I dream about today
I want to dance happily,
Listen work and play
I feel so much vitality.

I dream about today
A soft ray of moonlight
Whispering goodnight
To a well lived day.

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