How beautiful!  I am impressed.  Your texts are very moving.  They reflect so vividly what goes on during the singing that everybody recognize themselves in them.  Your poems express so much hope, so much faith in each person’s potential, a point of light, that is what I like so much about them.  In my opinion, this is where the healing power of art resides.

Oh Thank you.  I get maxed out on left-brain words!

Thank you, Dorothy, our world needs poems.

Alain Vereecke

Thank you so much for this. It’s beautiful and I read it in the group today. Twice!
They asked for it to be read again. It was my pleasure to do so 🙂

Mahnaz Bhatti NoorWorks

Je tiens à te remercier pour le partage de ton poème.  Il résonne dans mon âme de poète.
Je suis touché par la précision de retranscription. Je reçois en mots ce que j’ai pu percevoir en sensations.
Et je peux mettre des mots sur les flous qui m’habitaient encore!

Thank you so much for the beautiful weaving of words.
I will cherish them and treat them with utmost respect.
Thank you, Dorothy, for this wise summary.  It helps me remember.

I love the way you capture so much with so few words.

You wrote the story even more beautifully than told to me or than I expressed.  You brought it home.

Judith DeLozier NLP University

Wow! Words and worlds melting together…

Your poem brought tears to my eyes because it so beautiful and it expresses exactly how I feel.

Je gedicht heeft me de tranen in de ogen bezorgd want ik vind het wondermooi en het is echt zoals ik het ook voel.

Els Huygen

I am so touched by your poetry! I love the way you capture so much with so few words. I can feel your poetry in my body as I read. Some of the poems so clearly reflect my own inner landscapes, revealing them even more clearly to myself. Thank you for this wonderful gift, inspiring and generous. Very you!

Deborah Bacon Dilts
NLP University Trainer, 5RhythmsTM Certified Teacher

Many thanks for your book, your poems moved me. You have the gift of expressing very subtle emotional experiences in a powerful and direct way, but with a light and delicate touch. I don’t know if you like Rumi’s or E.E.Cumming’s works, however sometimes I feel a connection between your style and them, and much intensity and truth in your images. I wish you to keep that and make it grow. Touching people’s hearts maybe is not an easy path, but it gives precious rewards. I believe.

Anna Pensante
External Collaborator at Luni Editrice

Your poems bring me back to the energy of the workshop in an instant.

Your poem strikes home: the case I brought in was close to me and in your text I recognize the vulnerability I experienced in the situation.  your poem is powerful and I will keep re-reading it.  Well done!”.

A Director, Career & Development

This is a special and beautiful harvest of our workshop, the exchanges and the togetherness.  It is wonderful how you managed to reconcile the personal with the whole.  I am not only impressed, but especially moved by the beauty and accurate observations in your poems.

Leen Van Lindt, Consultant Levuur

This poem sent shivers down my spine.  It is the most wonderful gift I could think of.

I have been touched again, reading your poems.  They remind me of the fire and the rose.  Awaken the dance of love and passion.

Thank you for this precious gift.

Quelle beauté! c’est magnifique
Bravo et surtout MERCI.

Thank you so much for this poem, a wonderful entry for our workshop.

Gabriele from Hamburg

Poetic harvesting is the process of gathering insights, impressions, emotions, experience and to synthesize them in the form of poems that are shared with the people  present.  This usually takes place at a gathering, training, workshop, or even during a coaching session.

I have the amazing luck of having talented partners in artistic harvesting, Stien Michiels, and Florence Rigneau.  I am also very fortunate that my poems are being used worldwide as enhancements of their workshops or in their publications by Suzi Smith, Dr. Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar, and Mahnaz Bhatti.  I write in French, English, and Dutch.

The articles below showcase my poetic harvesting work, with information on the process itself, the poems that resulted,  and/or how the poems were used.  If you want to read other poems I wrote, you’ll find then in my blog.


A New Way

The poem “A New Way” was written during an evening workshop with inspiration  from “Reinventing Organizations”…

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After an introductory workshop on journaling, facilitated by Anita Sheehan, I produced the following poem…

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Silence Complice

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In October 2007, I wrote a poem called "Mission" that has since been used on…

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