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Whitewater Healing

The International Body Psychotherapy Journal, published twice a year, is a collaborative publication of two sister body psychotherapy organisations:

  • EABP – European Association for Body Psychotherapy
  • USABP – United States Association for Body Psychotherapy.

It is peer reviewed by members of both associations, with experts from related fields.

I was asked to produce a poem for their spring 2016 edition, volume 16.  I looked for inspiration by reading the various papers that were going to be published in the same issue of the journal.

I chose to focus on the space of healing that is created between the client and the therapist, through their relationship, through the vulnerability the therapist need to be willing to show and through the self-healing power of the client.

“They enter the safe space

Of a wider mind that contains them both,

That reclaims them both as humans,

A powerful dimension for change.”

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