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Days at the Hoffice

Hoffice is a great concept of work.  We are using resources underused during the day: our homes! And as we use methods of structuring the day, we are both being very productive and connecting meaningfully with others.  I am one of the hosts for Brussels.

So, from time to time, I’ll capture the Hoffice day in a poem.

As a haiku:

Hoffice day is fun!

Working together apart,

We are productive.

Hoffice day is funWorking ap


Hoffice aujourd’hui
A géométrie variable
Du va-et-vient
Qui oxygène l’esprit.
L’humour bénéfique
Avec un peu de provocation
Et beaucoup de bienveillance
Stimule la question.
La technique du flou
Court-circuite le besoin
Des réponses raisonnées.
L’inconscient s’occupe du doute.
Comment être productif
Tout en procrastinant?
A quoi sert la pause
Quant on veut être performant?

At the Hoffice today,
I did what I wanted,
Together with others
Who did what they wanted.

We shared the space
of living and of thinking
Working on our own
With friendly companions.

We appreciated diversity
And unraveling the thread
from a parking fine
To the meaning of freedom.

At the Hoffice today,
We enjoyed the stillness of silence,
the meanders of the mind,
And the creativeness of “unwork”.

Our day was productive
As we engaged the world,
And connected to each other,
And talked about the future.

Dorothy Oger
25th of June 2015

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