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The inner critic

Who hasn't got this little voice that undermines the self-confidence through constant criticism?  Sometimes in your own voice of that of someone else's (a parent, a teacher, a boss, ....) . The tone, volume, location of this inner voice may…

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Competencies at the heart of the Management Team

At the Management Team Retreat of this NGO, we identified quite a good number of competencies available in this multinational team of 7 people! Listening to each other's personal success stories and identifying key strengths deployed in these stories is…

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From distrust to cooperation

Having worked together for over a decade, and after an accumulation of misinterpreted actions, the relationship between this manager and team-leader was strained, conflicting and on the verge of becoming a full-blown crisis. It affected both the morale of the…

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The Shock of Change

We facilitated a series of workshops in French, English and Dutch, around change for the Belgian branch of a German organization in the service industry. The objective of the workshops was to provide knowledge and tools  for dealing with the…

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Kick-off Change

With my colleague of 17 years at the time, Lieve Woutters, we were asked to accompany the soft aspects of a Change journey for  a +200 service organisation that was completely being re-structured, including loss of jobs, re-defined roles, massive…

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