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Good morning

A tip for having great days:  imagine the positive scenario of the best day you can have, imagine the sensations, the emotions, the energy, the resilience and the balance between activity and rest, interactivity and solitude.  Imagine who you want…

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Keep Rolling on

Inspiration comes from anywhere and may lead anywhere else!This song was triggered by the cat we had recently adopted running through the open window. The basic text and musical line of the song were immediately present. With Jo Toudje and…

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My Box

This poem was inspired by a couple of comments made by friends while making or discussing music. In my boxIn my boxI make musicAll day longIn my boxYou don't see meYou don't hear meIn my boxAll day long.I am not…

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Cathédrale d’ébène

Il y a tellement à ressentir, à penser et à dire sur le drame de Notre-Dame que je me suis mise à écouter. J'ai pensé que nos priorités n'étaient pas toujours bien placées. J'ai pensé à la symbolique d'un tel…

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I am water

During a workshop, we explored the qualities of the Chinese elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood). I was water and here is the poetic harvest of what I experienced. Reading the poem brings me back to the depth, safety and…

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