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In October 2007, I wrote a poem called “Mission” that has since been used on multiple occasions by my NLP Trainer, Suzi Smith, worldwide as an introduction to an NLP training sessions.

In August 2015, Robert Dilts, asked me to read a poem to an international audience of some 100 people in the training “The Next Generation Entrepreneurs – Success Factors Modeling”.  I chose to read “Mission” because it fit very well with the programme of that day and because it resonated strongly with the demo of the day before. Antonio Meza provided the graphic illustration of me reading the poem.

Dott Poem Light My Heart 2015

Colette Normandeau, founder of the training school, L’essentiel, in Canada, was present and this is what she commented afterwards:

“A poem that felt like it had been written for me. It heard the whispers of my soul and touched the heart of my heart. Six months later it resonates still within my cells. Dorothy has the gift for words that heal. I am forever grateful for meeting her and for partaking in this beautiful poem.”

Deborah Epelman, founder of PAHC in Brazil, took the video footage and Stien Michiels created the video below.


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