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Letting go of perfection

The strive for perfection enables us to develop our excellence and achieve many results.  That is unless it is too conditioned to being loved, and then it can become a burden, a yoke.  And then it becomes difficult to enjoy the process of life, the process of learning or simply of being.  Ir can be a life-long journey : learning to let go of the need to control one’s image and one’s actions in order to conform.  Keeping up the appearances is exhausting and sometimes you get lost.

This is what happened to a client of mine.  Working on this issue enabled her to enjoy more freedom and to start discovering what she likes and not what she believes people expect from her.

The obligation to be


Without the right to be

The adult to become,

You lose yourself

From compliance

To compliance.


With all that doing

Without the right to be,

You lose yourself

From obligation

To obligation.

The duty of perfection

Weighs on you.


Not knowing who to be

The right to be

The right to know oneself

You lose yourself

From knowing to knowing.

From secret to secret.

The love of motherhood

Weighs on you.


The right to be

To be without pretending

You lose yourself

From conquest to conquest

From husband to lover.

It weighs on you

The need to please a man.


The control of being

Being without markers

You lose yourself

From precaution

To precaution

Being so reasonable,

It weighs on you.

Le droit d'être

Sans le droit d’être
L’adulte à naître,
Tu te perds
De conformité
En conformité.
Etre bon soldat
Te pèse tant!

De tout ce faire
Sans le droit d’être,
Tu te perds
En obligation.
Le devoir parfait
Te pèse tant!

De savoir qui être.
Le droit d’être,
Le droit de se connaître.
Tu te perds
De savoir en savoir,
De secret en secret.
L’amour de mère
Te pèse tant!

Le droit d’être,
D’être sans paraître.
Tu te perds
De conquête en conquête
De mari en amant.
Plaire à l’homme
Te pèse tant!

Le contrôle d’être,
L’être sans repères.
Tu te perds
De précaution
En précaution.
Etre toute raison
Te pèse tant!

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