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A New Way

The poem “A New Way” was written during an evening workshop with inspiration  from “Reinventing Organizations” by Frédéric Laloux.  It was shared with the audience of somewhat 25 people at the closing of the session.  Stien Michiels also contributed her poem to the workshop.

“A New Way” was then creatively transformed as an illustration by graphic facilitator, Florence Rigneau.  I made a 2 minute video of the poem.

A New Way poem and illustration

A New Way

I am thirsty for a new way,

The dream to release the future

That connects our souls together

With the clarity of a greater purpose

And the presence of who we are.


Going beyond traditional borders

With benevolence, playfulness and resolve,

Our rituals can bring about a change

In how we change the world.


It all starts with me and the choices I make.

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