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Que feriez-vous d’une 25ème heure?

Sur Facebook, je découvre ce lien qui fait référence au livre de Bronnie Ware, infirmière pour malades en phase terminale, et dans lequel elle raconte les 5 regrets les plus importants de ses patients.  Son livre est intitulé "Regrets of…

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Five leadership tips for home, work, play

Are you a leader? Do you want to become one? Do you want to be your own leader? In any case, I trust you will find that my “Five leadership tips for home, work, play” help you become the leader…

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Did you give a fish today?

To give a fish to someone is to : thank them for something they have done or a behaviour they have had; acknowledge who they are and nourish the relationship you have together. I was first introduced to this notion…

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