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Uniting people across time and culture through poetry

Through my deep listening, i sense the underlying patterns and structures, the message that need to be heard. with my 40 years of writing poetry , my expert knowledge and my interpersonal skills, i can deliver these message in a meaningful, original and effective way. .

About me

Dorothy Oger Poet & coach

Harvest the wisdom within

I am a person with multiple vocations, or projects at the same time: a “slasher”, a polymath.

I shall stand for love,For the world is wounded.Not just my little piece of land,Where I am mostly safe,Where I am mostly well,But our world, everywhereEvery day.


Poetic Harvesting

Team Coaching

Case Studies

Are you thirsty for new inspiration?

Would you like to explore the inner landscape of yourself and of your group, using everyday images and words?

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Ways in witch i contribute


In co-facilitation, listening and producing a summary poem or visual.


Through published work in text books or personal development books.


Introducing and stimulating the creative process in your projects.

Check some books i wrote

Being creative and expressing a team journey in an artistic form is stimulating, supportive and productive – and you don’t need to be an artist!

Here are 35 poems for you to resonate with and to bring healing to your soul.

The poems are perfect for sharing in a group as a way to introduce, close or deepen a reflective moment.

Cet e-pub de 89 pages, conçu comme un manuel pratique pour identifier les zones d’attentions et les stratégies efficaces pour réussir votre vie

Client testimonials

“Merci – ce texte est absolument magnifique.  Il a résonné au travers de toutes mes séances de coaching cette semaine.” Serge

“With Dorothy I have had several of the most inspiring conversations ever.” Marc

“Très chouette atelier pour s’initier à, pour redémarrer l’écriture poétique de manière légère et conviviale.  Le temps a filé, et non seulement j’ai produit facilement 2 petits textes, mais je suis aussi repartie inspirée, avec l’envie de continuer au plus vite !  Merci à Dorothy et à mes compères du jour pour ce moment de douce émulation et de co-création ! Score : 10/10”. spécialiste senior en développement organisationnel

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