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The wisdom of nature

Stien Michiels and I facilitated a series of workshops for the Brussels office of an international NGO that promotes sustainable development and the protection of the world’s resources.  At the start of the first workshop, we asked participants to bring back something from nature that would reflect a topic they wanted to explore during the workshop.

I was inspired by the beautiful stories and metaphors that emerged from this check in round and started writing the poem “The Wisdom of Nature”. It was completed the morning after.

The poem was further published in the May 2016 issue “On the Edge – for leaders in systemic change and innovation, in life and work.” by Ria Baeck.

It is a popular poem for concerts and I was asked to deliver at the Peace concert, Vers une Mélodie universelle (December 2018), where other poems of mine were read and/or put to music.

I translated the poem in French and English and created postcards for it.

la sagesse de la nature colorized
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