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Finding Balance – Time Management Training

For the participants to the training “Personal Effectiveness and Time Management” in Tallinn, Estonia, I wrote the poem “Finding Balance” that captures the essence of the first day training.  I read the poem as an introduction to the second day.

The training coordinator commented on the fact after the training:  “I am also happy that you have shared your poem, I believe it is important for people to see the human side of the trainer, especially when he/she is doing something as inspiring and unique as writing poems! I am still amazed that you do that!”

One of the participants gave the following feedback:  “The trainer was somebody who did her job with heart and soul.  She motivated the group with loads of empathy.
I was touched by her originality and the fact that she even was inspired by us to write a poem. One of the best courses I had and which really inspired me. Thank you!”

Finding Balance
Please help me keep the balance
Between work and personal life,
Between myself and others,
Freedom and structure.

In all my roles I need both
Rock and river, boundaries and flow.
I am grateful for the protection
of a breathing membrane.

My quest for perfection
Sometimes fails to get me there.
And I should forgive myself
For being simply human.

When the winter comes
I’d rather wear winter clothes.

Help me with the strategies and the tools
To focus on the outcome
And to save our resources.
I’ll work on finding meaning too.

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