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Dankzij Dorothy heb ik de schakel ontdekt in mijn diepere zelf om meer zelfvertrouwen te krijgen.

“Through Dorothy’s poems I can feel the support and inspiration to take risky steps in the world, both the inner and outer worlds, and hold the knowledge that I do this for my sake and the sake of the whole world.  Dorothy has a special gift for uniting the reader and writer across time and culture to the human experience we share.”

“Merci – ce texte est absolument magnifique.  Il a résonné au travers de toutes mes séances de coaching cette semaine.”

“Dorothy is a wonderful and creative person.  She is vitally interested in others and in making the world a better place.  She is insightful and caring.”

“With Dorothy I have had several of the most inspiring conversations ever.”

“The  fact that the act of creating sometimes became a rat race itself is something that I grasped during an enjoyable chat with the poet Dorothy Oger. (…) Her gentle reflection showed me how I was racing against time, how the glittering prize – to create a show, find funding, communicate –  had caused me to take to the racetrack. (…) Dorothy was even inspired by our discussion to write a poem. I still read it from time to time to remind me of the insights we had.”

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