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Everyday Genius Institute

Tim Hallbom is a well-known and talented NLP trainer, modeler, author and behavioural scientist.  Tim and his wife Kris are also developing a fascinating programme for change called “Dynamic Spin Release”.

With Everyday Genius Institute, Tim has produced a short series of DVD’s with booklets that describe how to think and act like genius people.  They include:

  • The Core Strategies of Genius, with 7 proven techniques;
  • Write Words that Sell, modeling Cory Fossum, Award Winning Copywriter;
  • Taste Wine like a Pro, with Master Sommelier Tim Gaiser;
  • Study smarter not harder, modeling three top students.

The products are excellent.  The information is presented in a very clear and structured manner.  The illustrations and the DVD provide the inspiration and easy-to-follow techniques.   You can view a sample of what Tim Hallbom has done in order to deconstruct the strategies of Tim Gaiser on the Everyday Genius Institute Website.



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