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There is silence to music

This poem started one early morning when I woke up with the line “There is silence”.  I made it a trilingual poem.

I also attempted a drawing and a video-poem!

There is a silence to music


There is a silence to music
That brings my soul to stillness
That connects me to the force
And the sacred bond of life.

There is a place in music
For me that feels like home
And brings joy to my being.

Er is een stilte in muziek
Die mijn ziel doet zingen,
Wanneer ik, volledig verbonden,
Het leven verwelkom.

De adem die nodig is
Om muziek te maken
Is ook wat mij thuis brengt.

Il y a du silence dans la musique
Qui invite au receuillement
Un espace sacré qui s’ouvre
Quand mon âme est présente.

Je vis de cette inspire
Qui m’engage tout entière
Et me ramène chez moi.

17th and 18th of January 2016

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