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Art of Hosting – Diversity

During the Art of Hosting workshop that had as guiding question “What if it were up to us to embody a society where everyone and everything can thrive?”, the topic of diversity was very much present. We also covered and experienced the tricky dance between order and chaos, called the chaordic path.

It triggered some of my own reflection the day after the three day workshop.

Diversity invites the unknown
And the unknown brings chaos
Into our life.

As we fear this dance on the edge,
Of losing our sense of self,
We tend to close our eyes,
To build stronger walls,
To exert more control,
To ban diversity.

The edge invites curiosity,
The strength to behold and stay,
The space for creative tension
And for renewal.

Let’s reside in ourselves first,
Allowing patience to be spacious,
As we choose to explore the edges
And invite our own powerful stories
To reveal the diversity within.

I have taken pictures of some interesting things I saw during the workshop that reflect this path into the unknown and that diversity is perfectly natural.

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