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Art of Hosting – World Café “Money”

The AoH (Art of Hosting) three-day Seminar was also special because it involved two experiments.  The hosting team was supported by a cooking team, all volunteers who wanted to contribute to the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter through preparing diverse food with lots of love!  The second experiment was about shared economy.  On this topic, we had a lively – and perhaps even strenuous – World Café Session.

The poem I wrote as a result had its effect on the audience.  One host asked for a copy so he could reflect on the poem.  A facilitator asked permission to share the poem at one of his upcoming events.  My business partner, Lieve Woutters, commented that: “Dorothy was able to capture the essence of that difficult discussion in the group in an inspiring and constructive conclusion in the form of a poem. Hearing this poem made me realize that beautiful insights can even grow from difficult discussions. It also reaffirmed that a group can reach a consensus on thorny issues through a well supported group process. “

What if money?

What if money were to be a gift
The gift of opportunity,
The gift of sharing,
The gift of groaning and then of growing?

What if money were to be a space
For hosting our own values,
For welcoming our own feelings
And for being with them?

What if money were to be a circle
For welcoming other people’s stories,
And for being with them,
In the present time,
Embedding them for the future?

What if money were to be one currency
To bring us to the next level?
The level of abundance for all and everything?

AoH day 2 – World Café Harvest

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