A certified human being?

Yes, that’s right.  I have a certificate that says I am a human being.

That’s because I used to believe I had to be perfect.   Now I know better – most of the time.

Understanding that life is the process of becoming rather than a permanent state of being enables me to be a safe haven for you from which to experiment, explore, and learn.

A poetic facilitator and harvester, what’s that?

In 2008, I wrote a poem to young catholic men in Belfast I had met a few weeks earlier as part of an international NLP programme. This poem is probably the first one I wrote, as a record or harvest, of a shared – and amazing -experience.

On March 2016, I wrote a poem, entitled “For Love”, the day after terrorist attacks on Brussels.  A friend of mine was killed in the explosion in the metro station.  Writing and sharing the poem had strong healing effects on me.  Spontaneously, friends all over the world started translating the poem in their mother tongue.  Nine months later, the poem exists in 60 languages and continues to be shared and spoken to many worldwide.

Today, my skills at catching wisdom, knowledge, emotions, experience and the intangible into writing help you make sense of things, connect the dots, and deepen your experience.  Whether on your own or as a group.  You will find examples here.

A self-leadership coach & mentor?

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, I decided to take charge of my life, to take responsibility for who I am and for what I can/want become. I have learned a lot on this journey and still do!

My role is to guide you in the most efficient use of your energy resources, gifts and talents.

A collector of experience ?

Further I am also a trainer, a (co)-facilitator, a practitioner of EFT and of systemic constellations, a networker, a mindmapper, a juggler, a collagist,  a volley-ball player, a tennis player, an auntie, a space holder, an author, a Human Design projector, a INFP (or J sometimes), a cat-owner, a partner, the rider of an electric motorcycle, a boardgame player, a gamer, an apprentice singer, a reader, …

I transform experience into wisdom because that’s what I do naturally.  All the bizarre and less bizarre things I learn are put at your service.