Dorothy is an exceptionally good trainer. She is able to adapt her style of training to suit the participants and use the available resources to the fullest. The way in which she provides training ensures that you remember what you have learned for a long time. Her training provides enormous added value.

Gaston Lentz

“I have been to many, many different courses, but I reckon that this was the one that will influence my life the most. Thank you sincerely!


I am a partner with Performance Partners, and I also design and deliver international training programmes on behalf of Demos Benelux to the European Institutions.  I work in partnership with Alessandro Rovetta, NoorWorks, Florence Rigneau , Stephan Van Haverbeke and Stien Michiels.

I am a regular Resource (training) Assistant for Robert Dilts, Deborah Bacon-Dilts, Judith DeLozier and Suzi Smith at the NLP University in Santa Cruz, California.

Performance Partners
Performance Partners